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What makes us different

At Hurlfield Dental Practice, we are committed to providing our community in Sheffield and the surrounding areas with the highest quality of care. That ethos extends to our building, our team and our comprehensive range of treatments.

Why choose us?

At Hurlfield Dental Practice we’re passionate about providing quality dental care and extensive services for the whole community, and we welcome both NHS and private patients.

As well as focusing on prevention and maintaining excellent oral health, we can provide a wide breadth of elective treatments, including cosmetic procedures.

Our highly qualified team

At Hurlfield Dental Practice, our team is committed to postgraduate education and between them hold a host of qualifications which enhance their skills and experience. Our highly qualified team includes dentists who have special interests in key areas including:

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We take the stress out of dentistry

At Hurlfield Dental Practice, we want to make visiting your Sheffield dentist a pleasure, not a chore. With our focus on preventive care and hygiene, we’ll support you to aim to get your oral health in top condition. And by equipping our experienced team with the latest dental technology, we promise that when you do require treatment, we will make it as comfortable and quick as possible. Finally, with our payment plans and finance options, we make it easy for you to afford the best possible care and enjoy a smile you can be truly proud of.

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The patient journey

At Hurlfield Dental Practice, we make it our mission to ensure every patient has a relaxed, calm and positive experience at our practice. From the moment you step through our door to the moment you leave and beyond, you should expect nothing less than the highest standard of care from a warm and welcoming team. If you’re a new patient, we thought it would be useful to outline what you can expect from being a patient at Hurlfield Dental Practice.

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First impressions

We extend a warm welcome to all patients even before they step through the door at Hurlfield Dental Practice. When you get in touch to make your appointment, our friendly reception team will help arrange a suitable appointment time and deal with any queries. And when you arrive, you’ll be greeted by pleasant, compassionate staff and an environment that’s inviting and relaxing.

A patient being examined by a dentist

First appointment

You’ll be given a medical questionnaire to fill out, and have an opportunity to adjust any personal details on your file. You’ll also receive a full examination by the dentist, which may include digital photographs and x-rays, along with lots of questions about your lifestyle, general health and oral hygiene habits. If a dental problem is identified, this will be discussed fully.

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Treatment planning

If further treatment is required, a plan will be drawn up that details clearly everything you can expect from our service, and the costs involved. You will have as much time as you need to ask questions and consider your options – including dental finance. You’ll also be advised of the aftercare you can expect, and if you’ll need to take any time off to recover from treatment. Once you have confirmed you’re happy with your treatment plan, treatment can proceed – in some instances during the same appointment, especially if the dentist needs to eliminate pain. In other cases, you may need to return for a future appointment at a convenient time.

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Post treatment

We won’t send you home after treatment without a clear understanding of what you need to do to keep your teeth and gums clean and infection-free. We will recall you for follow-up checks and hygiene appointments, and will endeavour to see you as soon as possible if you have any concerns following your treatment.

Meet the team

Emma Lane

GDC Number: 193988

Claire Beet
Associate Dentist

GDC Number: 193863

Catriona Manian
Associate Dentist

GDC Number: 228892

Rachel Miller
Associate Dentist

GDC Number: 271863

Gemma Mitchell
Associate Dentist

GDC Number: 153752

Joseph Nightingale
Associate Dentist

GDC Number: 258820

Kevin Shirley
Associate Dentist

GDC Number: 83644

Emily Weeks
Associate Dentist

GDC Number: 85291

Josephine Suett
Associate Dentist

GDC Number: 153561

James Ritchie
Associate Dentist

GCD Number: 193990

Rosie Chilvers

GDC Number: 202423

Sharron Holroyd

GDC Number: 152678

Ewan Heritage

GDC Number: 296630

Stephanie Skelton

GDC Number: 262955

Sally Kett
Practice Manager

GDC Number: 131654

Simone Wilcock
Deputy Practice Manager

GDC Number: 131664

Shae Jenkinson
Lead Dental Nurse

GDC Number: 282335

Jessica Clarke
Dental Nurse

GDC Number: 261854

Holly Proctor
Dental Nurse

GDC Number: 292868

Imogen Shore

Dental Nurse

Phoebe Shore
Dental Nurse

GDC Number: 294736

Clare Stone
Dental Nurse

GDC Number: 122083

Jade Mcphail
Dental Nurse / Oral Health Educator

GDC Number: 227930

Sophie Hill

Dental Nurse / Receptionist

Elizabeth Dodson

Dental Nurse

Ellie Sargent

Dental Nurse

Ella Murton

Dental Nurse

Kelly Coulson

Trainee Dental Nurse

Tia Treloar

Trainee Dental Nurse

Megan Beresford

GDC Number: 279814

We want to make the world a better place

Whether it’s getting involved in our community or working to help others further afield, we take our social responsibility seriously. After all, what’s the point of providing a service in Sheffield if we don’t engage with everything else that’s going on here? We’ve found that giving our team the time and means to volunteer and raise money for good causes – together or individually, at home or abroad – makes them feel great about giving back, and creates bonds that no office party can compete with! As well as volunteering and fundraising for Bridge2Aid, our team aims to make a regular commitment to local causes, too.